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As we go about our daily lives, it’s unavoidable that we become a pedestrian at some point. In fact, the simple act of us walking to our car or walking the dog in the neighborhood classify us as a pedestrian. When a pedestrian accident happens, the results and consequences are dreadful.

It’s essential to understand how pedestrian accidents happen. Learning how they happen is the first step to take in preventing them in the future. If you’re ever pedestrian accident victim, you need a competent lawyer to provide legal representation for you.

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A pedestrian accident attorney works to hold negligent drivers responsible for irresponsible actions.

In today’s post, we’ll discuss the seven common types of pedestrian accidents. Most accidents happening to pedestrians fall under these classifications. The attorneys can then determine when you’re at higher risk of being a victim or causing it.

Distracted driving

Stop texting while drivingThis may be one of the most common causes of pedestrian accidents. When people get behind a wheel, they should focus on one thing and one thing only: driving. However, other things tend to get drivers’ attention. The number one culprit is texting.

The same could be said for pedestrians who don’t pay attention when they are crossing the street. Pedestrians who are on their phone will probably walk into the road without proper awareness.

Backing vehicles

This type of pedestrian accident generally happens on a street where driveways have insufficient visibility or at parking lots when drivers try to back onto the road. Everyone, as soon as they get behind the wheel, must be aware and vigilant. Be cautious when you back up and do it slowly; slowly enough to give you time to react should any pedestrians come across your path.

Off-road accidents

Pedestrian accident attorneys usually represent victims of off-road accidents. As the name suggests, these accidents occur off the road, such as sidewalks, alleys, bus stops, or close to a disabled vehicle. Alcohol is also a major contributing factor as drunk driving is the usual cause of off-road accidents.

Work or play accidents

You’ll usually find children playing in residential areas; they’re often running into the street chasing after a ball or playing tag with another child. It’s also not uncommon to find construction workers on roads.

Drivers should be cautious when driving in residential areas

In work or play pedestrian accidents, those individuals mentioned above are the usual victims. To avoid getting into this type of accident, drivers should drive slowly when going through work zones or residential areas.

Pedestrians crossing

Fast-moving vehicles tend to hit pedestrians crossing limited access highways. Pedestrians who are passing on and off-ramps are also at an increased risk.

It’s imprudent for anyone to cross highways or on and off-ramps. However, in situations such as a car accident or broken-down vehicle, it’s unavoidable to cross these roads. If you’re ever in those situations, the best decision is to stay inside your car and switch your hazard lights on.

Not stopping at a crosswalk

At every busy intersection, there’s a crosswalk. This allows pedestrians to cross busy intersections safely. In the state of Arizona, vehicles approaching a stop or yield sign must stop for a full three seconds before entering the crosswalk. Failure to stop will carry penalties to the driver. However, impatience and complete disregard of the law leads to striking unsuspecting pedestrians.

Vehicles turning at an intersection

When a driver lacks attention or has poor visibility at an intersection, it usually results in a pedestrian accident. Attorneys and authorities agree that the driver is generally at fault in this scenario. However, certain factors, such as jaywalking or pedestrians wearing darker clothes at night can come into play. This allows the defense to raise comparative liability.

Determining Liability

Liability for a pedestrian accident will depend on the behaviors of the parties involved during the incident. Both drivers and pedestrians need to follow road and traffic rules; it’s a legal requirement. In some cases, it’s straightforward to see who the negligent party is, but the court will need to look at several different factors.

Every Accident is Unique

Most pedestrian accidents fall under those categories. However, every accident is unique; some factors and circumstances make each scenario distinctive. Thus, pedestrian accident attorneys need to assess the situation so they can determine your legal rights.

A pedestrian accident attorney can also help you know your best options – whether it’s getting a just financial medical compensation or covering for your lost wages.