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News, insights, and opinions from the Doug Newborn Law Firm on probate, estate planning, personal injury, and vehicle collision laws and how they impact you and your family.

What Does a Personal Injury Attorney Do?

A personal injury attorney is someone who offers legal representation to people who have been injured or involved in an accident. Personal injury attorney work in tort law, which includes negligent acts as well as intentional acts. They pursue compensation for accident victims. Types of Personal Injury Cases Personal injury cases usually involve the negligent […]

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Guide to Writing A Living Will

Creating a living will is a task that's often pushed back on a financial to-do list – but it shouldn't be. Let us guide you on how to write a living will.

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How to Contest a Probate Case: Expert Tips

The steps on how to contest a probate case may be time-consuming and emotionally taxing. Before you take on this journey, ask yourself if it’s worth your time and resources.

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Advice from a Bicycle Accident Attorney: What to Do After the Incident

Bicyclists often face dangers while riding on bike paths and city streets. A reliable bicycle accident attorney can hold a negligent driver accountable for injuries suffered by bicyclists.

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Investigating Fraud with Probate Litigation

A skilled attorney with years of experience and expertise will know how to respond to any fraudulent claims by conducting thorough probate litigation.

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Good Reasons to Get a Collision Attorney

Attorneys. Who needs them? In a world of slipping responsibility, everyone that's who! Especially a collision attorney. If you have been mishandled by the legal system and your own insurance company in the past, then it’s doubly true. Isn’t it funny that the first to do you wrong when things go wrong are the very […]

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When to Seek an Adult Guardianship Attorney

An adult guardianship attorney can help if you see a loved one struggling. Seek help for elderly and incapacitated adults.

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Prepping to Call a Rear End Accident Attorney

When you’re in an auto accident, you might not want to call an attorney. You may have a lot of reasons why you hesitate, thinking, “It’s not that big of a deal. Why should I call a rear end accident attorney?” The bottom line is: you never know why you might need one, but you […]

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Personal Injury & DUI Lawyer Facts

If you're injured in a car accident with a drunk driver, why should you get a DUI lawyer? Here are 5 facts you might not have known.

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