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Why You Should Call A Car Accident Attorney

Edited by Doug Newborn

Whether it’s a fender bender or your car is totaled, calling a car accident attorney after the accident is the right move.

It happens to thousands of people every day. A car accident. It might be minor. It might be major. It might be anywhere between. But when it happens to you, there are very good reasons why you should immediately contact a car accident attorney.

Car Accident Attorneys Know Your Rights

Quick – when an accident happens, who pays for the damage? What if there are medical bills? How do you file a police report and handle the insurance claim? Do you know the answers to any of these questions off the top of your head? Do you know your rights, in your state or in another area if you’re visiting?

Car accident attorneys do. They spend years in education and in practice, and they handle the local and state laws, and insurance negotiations, every day. Whatever questions you have, you can count on a lawyer to help you get answers.

Car Accident Attorneys Back You Up

After a minor accident, many people don’t want to call their insurance companies or file a police report if they don’t have to. But, after a few days, they may begin to notice physical problems, like soreness in the neck, or stiffness in their back. Or perhaps, a passenger who didn’t feel hurt at first begins to notice a problem. Your insurance company, or the other driver’s company, may have extra questions or steps in their process for delayed claims.

Costs of a car accident go up fast

At every turn, an insurance company is trying to minimize the amount they have to pay, and maximize the amount you have to pay. The medical services are providing you help, but they also can be a heavy financial burden. And they only add up over time.

And to top it all off – you could be in pain, dealing with injuries and lost time at work, as well as repairs to your car. It might seem like an overwhelming series of tasks with no end.

Car accident attorney can help with insurance claims.

Let an attorney help you make sense of insurance claims.

Get a professional guide

During all of this, wouldn’t it be nice to have an experienced professional to guide you, manage some of the difficult tasks, and make the whole process easier? That’s exactly why you should call a car accident attorney.

Get Representation for Unusual Circumstances

If the accident involved an underage driver, driver under the influence, a rental car, a work vehicle, or some other unique circumstance, a lawyer is invaluable. The more circumstances to consider during the evaluation of your accident, the more reason you have to get a lawyer’s help. Don’t let insurance companies and the judicial system treat you unfairly. Factors such as the condition of the vehicles involved, whether or not people were wearing seatbelts, and even the time of day or weather can affect the decision on your case.

What If It Goes to Court?

if there are complications, or if there are extensive injuries that result in medical expenses, your case has a higher chance of going to court. You might never, until it’s too late, that a lawyer could have helped you from the beginning.

Retaining a car accident attorney immediately after your accident ensures that you have representation when you need it most, all the way until every aspect of the situation is cleared up.

Finding a Reputable Car Accident Attorney

It shouldn’t be difficult to find a qualified, professional car accident attorney in your area. Often, an attorney with the “best marketing” gets more cases in a particular area, simply because their phone number is easy to remember or their firm puts out catchy radio jingles. If you’re in a pinch, you can call one of these numbers on the radio, but are you getting an experienced attorney who knows how to handle the specifics of your case?

Car accident attorney team

Find the attorney that’s right for you.

Research Ahead of Time

The next time you renew your car insurance, research car accident attorneys in your area. You can choose to start with the phone book, social media, or by gathering references from friends. Then, check the firm’s history and credentials online. Read through a few websites. Consider your personal, family, and professional driving situations. Then, save a number or two in your phone with the phrase “car accident attorney” as part of the name. (Maybe write it on the back of your car’s registration or insurance card too!) And give the number to anyone in your family or all of your employees – anyone on your insurance.

Then, when the time comes, not only will you be ready, you will be sure that you chose the right car accident attorney who is qualified to help.

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