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Good Reasons to Get a Collision Attorney

Edited by Doug Newborn

Attorneys. Who needs them? In a world of slipping responsibility, everyone that’s who! Especially a collision attorney. If you have been mishandled by the legal system and your own insurance company in the past, then it’s doubly true. Isn’t it funny that the first to do you wrong when things go wrong are the very people you pay to prevent such things from happening? And see my friend, that’s why you need a car accident attorney.

That sinking feeling that you have had in the pit of your stomach since the accident is no accident at all. Something went wrong. At least it did for you. See, those of us who suffer auto collisions so physically and financially devastating know from experience that the last thing that an accident victim has the strength to do is vocally wrestle with the claim adjuster from the very same insurance provider who pretends to work in your interest. Don’t be fooled.

Professional Help When You Need It Most

It’s nothing like a good car crash, tornado or hurricane to really put things into perspective in regards to the customer and the insurance company that most people have been paying all their lives. It takes that devastating moment for us to look at who we really have been paying all those years: a business. They are in the business of making money and we know now that it’s all about their bottom line, customer second. So what happens when you get into accidents with people with better coverage than you? You call a collision attorney. What if you live in a fault-based state like Texas? Someone is walking away from that accident with the bill. Don’t let it be you. What if you live in a town where everyone knows everyone and especially the people with the money in which you happen not to be one of? That’s why you need an experienced professional.

Rear end collision attorney reviewCollision Attorneys Help Defend the Truth

Think of it like this. We live in an age where people can’t tell the truth to save their life and that’s over the simplest of things. You never found that person who stole your food from the break room cooler? (I enjoyed every bite.) You’ve never found the family member, even though it’s only three of you that live there and only one of you is a baby, who drinks all the orange juice and then placed back into the refrigerator a carton with just a smidgen of juice (what’s up with that)? Yes. I get frustrated with that particular member of your family too; but this is about more than family squabbles.


If you are an honest person, you don’t have to stand alone. When it comes down to car collisions, it’s just your word and that of the other driver. The one who may drive a better car than you or has more money or respect in the community than you. Many of us take perception in those situations way too seriously and so do the people who are paid to assist everyone, equally, like law enforcement, emergency services and first responders.

Get the Justice You Deserve with a Collision Attorney

Maybe it’s not about money. Let’s say it’s an elderly lady who just sent you flying across the street. Now, we all know, especially insurance adjusters that, no one who looks like your grandmother could ever do anything wrong and she can drive that behemoth of a car she just creamed you with perfectly fine regardless of the useless fact that she can’t see over the steering wheel. Right? Wrong! Grandma was wrong. And your collision attorney will help you get the justice you deserve.

Doug Newborn reviewEveryone on the planet becomes a professional liar when it comes to facing a bill that they know that they can not pay and will not pay without readily available, unarguably plentiful resources. Do you have readily available funds? Fall in line with many Americans who don’t have a nickle they can rub together after working their two jobs just to afford a roof over the head. In the real world where collisions happen every day, even the highly insured motorist faces the very real possibility of their insurance company not backing them in their time of need regardless of the situation.

The Cost of Traffic Accidents

Or maybe your particular car collision or auto accident is different. In most cases, people still can’t pay for a


traffic accident. The tickets that come with it accidents regardless of fault can be incredibly staggering. Most Americans don’t have the resources to pay for an accident regardless of who’s at fault and thats with the greatest of insurance companies and the lowest deductibles. So let’s say the car accident was your fault. The other driver’s hostility surely indicates that they have either have bad insurance, driving record or no insurance at all. You may be dealing with another drive who will lie their butt off starting with the slow arriving traffic cop all the way to the mitigation of pain and suffering. And all over a fender bender that they can’t pay for.

You don’t want to handle a collision alone with just your wits and insurance company in hand. They insurance company is indifferent. The neck and back guy went out and found him a neck and back lawyer. What are you going to do? Call a collision attorney who specializes in these matters. Fight back with competent attorneys that are on your side from the moment you call. The insurance company won’t know what hit them.

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